I’m Back

Whew, has it been a long few weeks since my last post. There has been so much going on I still am not recovered, but I am trying to get back into normal routines again.  There has been a whirlwind of activity.  We have moved, had our annual youth rally at Three Forks (our largest yet with 324 in attendance) had a birthday party for a certain 3 year old, Nick has had a couple of guest speaking

engagements, kids have had doctors appointments like crazy it seems, school is back in session….. the list goes on and on!  But busy as it has been I love it.

We are settling in nicely in our new home, loving all the new space, but will be really glad to finally get all of our belongings unboxed and a home found for them.  My living room is still full of boxes from our last load! Yikes, they are staring at me!!!

But even though the past few weeks have been busy, it doesn’t stop. Now we are gearing up for September! I am preparing to take my Faithfully Fun ribbons to the Southern Kentucky Kids Expo.  I am taking shirt orders and registrations for our Ladies Day coming up at the end of the month and helping to plan and make sure all of it is set up and ready to go.  Hoping it will be another great event, I am really looking forward to a day spent with so many Christian sisters!

But I just wanted to take a few minutes and let everyone know I was still here, I had not vanished. Although if these last two pictures are any indication things around here have been kind of crazy.  Their eyes reflect how I feel lol!!  I hope you all have a blessed day!

(Isn’t it fun to get your eyes dialated!)

The Wait is Over!

Whew, it has been a long summer. A summer where things haven’t gone the way we thought they would, a time of testing of our patience, a time of excitement and disappointment. We have stressed and waited,  but we can finally make the announcement, We are buying a house!!!!!   I can’t believe it is finally here.  After months of trouble and stuggles.  After delay after delay, bad news followed by worse news, and many tears and prayers we will finally get to close on our new house tomorrow.  We will finally after being here at Three Forks for almost 5 years be able to put down true roots in the Three Forks area!
Our New House

This summer has been one of the longest ever.  We have been working toward this for months. We have put off plans waiting for decisions to be made, waiting on someone else all summer, all different aspects of this process but we are so relieved to have it finally come to an end.  Our children are so excited to be moving and can’t wait to get their own rooms. My husband can’t wait to get his garage!  And me, well there are so many aspects of it I can’t wait to get!

All summer I have been looking at pictures of the differnt rooms and imaging our things in them.  I have been pinning so many decor and craft ideas to Pinterest that I can’t wait to put into place to truly make it home.  It is going to be so much work, but in the end it will be so rewarding to once again own a place of our own.  To have our house!

This will lead to many future posts. Posts concerning our move. Posts of our made-over furniture.  Posts for the room redos I can’t wait to tackle.  I hope you will follow my blog and share in our journey!

We are so thankful to God for helping us through this whole process.  We hope to be good stewards of all the blessings he has bestowed on us.   We thank our family and friends for praying for us and helping us through this long process.  We thank our Three Forks family for all the help and support they have offered to us.

Dear Lord, we ask you to help us with our move, help us continue on in our lives, help us always remember, no matter where we call home, that…  ” as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

In Him Always,

Happy Birthday Teresa & Nanahood!

Today is a special day for a very special person!   I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to a wonderful Christian friend and sister, Teresa!   It is made even more exciting by the fact that today her blog, Nanahood, is also about to release some changes for its 3rd birthday!  Please join all the fun today for games and giveaways.  There will be some great prizes!!  And join me in wishing Nanahood and Teresa, the bloggiest Nana around, A Very Happy Birthday!!!

Chair Redo!

This summer has been a busy one!  I have had so many repurposing/refinishing projects, many of them firsts for me. So much sanding, painting, sewing, building has been happening in this house.  I have many of them finished but not ready for pictures, but I did get one photo ready last night!  I finished my first slip cover for some wingback chairs we have had for years that were in desperate need of a facelift as you can see.  The chairs were roughed up, gold upholstery, and the legs were scuffed pretty bad from years of use, a spring underneath was broken, the arm end caps are missing, in short these chairs were in bad need of some TLC!

Thanks to one of my new favorite sites, Pinterest!!, I saw an article about making a slip cover out of a bed sheet.  Sounded easy enough, I was ready to try it!  Found a great deal on queen microfiber sheets at Big Lots so I purchased 2 sets since I have 2 chairs to redo. Better to have too much than not enough, right?  And who knew if I would be able to find the same thing twice.   My first step in the makeover was fixing the broken spring.  I don’t have photos of that part but it was a PAIN!  I finally got the spring stretched far enough to nail it back down to the base of the chair.  Whew! And that was enough for one day! 🙂

When I decided to begin the actual slip cover the articles I had found didn’t offer me really enough of an idea to help figure out what I was doing, so I decided to jump right in and by trial and error make it work.  On a very important special note: the methods I used were probably far from the best to use. I went with what made sense to me at the time. Someone who knows what they are doing and is a better seamstress than me will probably laugh at my steps and say, “NOOOO, you shouldn’t have done that,”  You need the seams somewhere else,” or “That step was totally not necessary, or could be done so different.”  But please bear with me!

My first step was to just get the sheet over the chair and see how it seemed to work best.  I then began by pinning up the back of the chair, both sides, from leg to top.  Straight lines, seemed like the best place to begin.  I took the sheet off and stitched up one side and place it back.  Now I began to panic!!!  I couldn’t do that each time. My pins might fall out, I might mess it up or get confused when it is not on my 3D model.

I decided to just pin it all together and then worry about it, so off I went.  My second moment of panic came when I had to make my first cut! I was so afraid of cutting in the wrong place, knowing that once cut it can’t be uncut! But I worked slowly and carefully.  piecing each section together as best I could. I worked around one side, cutting the piece for the side and over the arm as one peice.  I didn’t actually measure anything (yikes) but put it there and cut it to fit leaving an extra inch (or more in places) to make sure I had seamroom. Then I worked to the other side.  Then I worked to the other side.

You can see the sheet balled up on top where I was waiting to work with the middle/seat section.  It wasn’t cut, just draped over still so there was one continuous line from bottom in the back, over the top, and down the seat to the bottom of the front of the chair.   You can see my arms wrapped around and the pieces cut and pinned on the front of the arms.  The next part was really tricky for me.

Covering the inner part of the chair was hard. I wanted to give myself room to tuck the fabric in, while being sure to have the fabric cover the inside edges of the “wings”.  It wasn’t done very pretty thats for sure. But I think I made it work. I stood back and looked at it and then paniced again! (Are you noticing a theme here!!)  How was I going to make sense of all these pins and curves when I took this off to get it to the sewing machine?
So I added a step that most of you probably won’t have to do, but it sure saved me a lot of stress.  I quick “tacked” the seams by hand and removed all the pins. Now, only did I have “guidelines” to follow when sewing, I didn’t have to worry about it all falling apart or me sticking myself with the pins!  Seemed like a win win to me!

Once it was tacked, I flipped it rightside out and placed it back on the chair to see how it was fitting.  I noticed several places seemed a little too snug. So when I got to the sewing machine I stitched to the outside of my quide stitch to give myself a little more room.  That whole process didn’t take very long to stitch up and remove the other threads, especially since there were only loosly in there anyway.

Finally (and I forgot a picture of this part) I made a seperate cover for the seat cushion. I laid a “scrap” of my sheet over the top, pinned it down and cut it all around the shape of the cushion leaving an inch or so overhang.  Then I cut a 4-5 inch wide strip of the sheet and started pinning it all around the sides.  Took this off and stitched the seams so I had about half of a cushion cover.  I flipped it inside out, placed it back on the cushion and repeated the top again.  I only stitched it 3/4 of the way around and left the back flap open (but stitched the hems of both top and bottom to prevent fraying) so I could place it on the cushion like you would a pillow case. When it was finished I used safety pins to secure it.

I also spraypainted the chair legs so they would look a little better from underneath.  It has some spots that I wasn’t as happy with how the fabric pulls or bunched after all was said and done but for my first one I was pretty excited about the finished product overall.  Eventually I hope to try my hand at actually reupholstering these chairs, but until then I think this will be a good compromise!  Hope you enjoyed, I can’t wait to get started on the second one and hope it goes a little smoother (with a little less panic involved.)  I think when we are done both chairs will look good setting in our little reading area and will definately share pics of that when it is all done!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Birthday Daughter!!

Today has been such a special day for our family!  Our beautiful little girl turned 3 today and she has been so funny all day long!  We have had such a busy day but she has taken it all in stride and taken every chance to let anyone around her know she is three!  And when we got home she was so excited to have birthday cake and presents.

It’s hard to believe so much has changed in three years.  You don’t realize how fast time truly passes until you begin watching your children, your babies, grow up.  The children’s nanny commented the other day how much of a difference we would see in the next 10 years.  She said in 10 years the oldest ones will be about to turn 20 and the youngest will be 13!!!  Scary when I look at these tiny faces to think of those changes and how fast those 10 years will probably pass by.

In Psalm 144:3-4, David writes about how short our lives seem.  “Lord, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You are mindful of him? 4 Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow.”  Our lives are like a breath, though at times it seems like our days are dragging on, they will be gone in the blink of an eye. So celebrate each day, celebrate each occasion. Celebrate each birthday no matter your age.  ( I love to remind people that birthdays are good for your health, the more you have the longer you live! lol  I know its cheesy but that’s me!)

So happy birthday to my darling daugher. I look forward to her birthday party coming up soon when we can celebrate with family and friends.

Thanking God for another wonderful day, I wish you a weekend full of happiness and blessings!

RIP Claw

I got home this afternoon from picking up our boys from school.  I glanced over the counter and it dawned on me I had not fed the fish today!! Yikes.  This is the little goldfish we have had since June that the kids had received from VBS.  To be specific, he was the last remaining fish out of the four we came home with and he was dubbed “Claw” for some unknown reason.

As I sprinkled food into the bowl I noticed he didn’t swim to the surface of the little fishbowl, as he usually did.  So I began to look closer. And closer, and I picked up the fish bowl and turned it around and looked at it from many angles and something was wrong… Claw wasn’t there!  So I calmly walked to the other room to ask my husband if he had done something to the fish.  No?  Huh, he’s gone.   GONE?  Where does a fish go???

Well after looking around we found him, in the dishwater! Yikes. I guess Claw decided his little fishbowl home wasn’t suitable any longer this afternoon and must have jumped out, only to discover dishsoap water is not a suitable replacement!

So unfortunately we are sad to say we no longer have any fish left from VBS.  The first three only lasted a matter of days, but this fish was beginning to grow on us all.  We were looking forward to setting up a big fish tank for him to swim around in, but sadly he decided he needed out of his fishbowl a little too soon.

Wordless Wednesday – Chopsticks!

As I was cleaning out a cabinet this morning I found something I have never seen.  It wasn’t ours, must be from the previous preaching family that lived here. I know sounds bad but this cabinet is tall, above the built in oven, I am short, and even with a chair have a hard time cleaning all the way to the back!!  Any way, I found some “beginner” chopsticks!  Cracked me up, they look so old.  You know, they are plastic, with little teeth on the ends to help hold your food and are connected there in the center so you can keep them held up easier!!

Want to know what I found even funnier!!

With so many products today that are made in China, here are chopsticks from the Chinese restarant and they are…..
Made In Canada!!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Don’t forget to link up your post below!!

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