Halfway Projects

I started so many projects over the summer and most of them I have finished. Yet there are those few that remain Halfway Completed and it is driving me crazy. I don’t know how many other people out there are like that, but I can’t stand having something be halfway finished.  I am going to get them done! I promise myself.  I just have to find the time.

This summer while we were waiting constantly for news on how the loan process and buying process was going for our new house, starting and working on these projects gave me a constructive use of my time. Now, however, we are in our new house and other things are taking over. The everyday grind of life, the events and projects that are needed for church are all seeing that these projects are taking a back burner.

Two big projects that are really bothering me I do intend to finish as soon as I possibly can!  The first is finishing the second chair cover for our wingback chair. They look so desperate right now sitting there, I admit however, the first one was such a big job I am dreading making the second one just a little.

The second project is our living room photo wall.  I have placed up some vinyl letters that I wanted and I have gathered the first set of our black frames and intend to do an assortment of black and white family photos, I am so excited to do this I don’t know why it has taken so long. Oh, yes I do, I can’t decide which photos to use!  The good news is, this weekend a good friend of ours is coming over and is going to take new photos of our family and I will so happy to finish this with new, up-to-date pictures of my beautiful family!

And I promise to post finished pictures soon!!   I also plan on posting photos of the other projects that I have already finished over the next few days so keep checking back in for some of our furniture redo’s we completed as we prepared for our move!

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