Dresser To TV Stand

One project that I really enjoyed this summer was revamping our old dresser to use in our living room as an entertainment center of sorts. It needed a lot of work.  It was scraped and scuffed, has so much damage to the top of it from setting glasses up there with no coasters.  But I knew it was worth saving and the vision I had in my head told me it would going to be beautiful!  I didn’t think of taking a picture of it until I had already started working on the first drawer, but you can still get a good idea of what it looked like originally.

The process itself wasn’t too hard.  I took it one drawer at a time and simply removed the hardware, sanded the time out of it, then painted, and repainted until I was happy with the results, then put everything back together again!  I was working on several projects at once and the basement of our old house looked like quite the busy workshop for a while! More on those other projects in the picture soon!

The hardest part of the whole project was the changes we decided to make to the top two drawers.  After taking off the drawer fronts and replacing the thin bottom with a thicker peice of wood, we used them as 3 sided slides to now hold our satelitte box and dvd player.

The over all look of the “new” dresser was one I was very pleased with.  The silver knobs that were already on it I thought were a nice touch to the black paint.  It is the perfect size and fit for our tv and our new living room!  And it cost a whole lot less than going out to buy a new one!  We also have the other four drawers to use for extra storage for our dvds and gaming accessories!  Overall I think this project was a success!! 

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