Out On Faith

This year seems to have been all about stepping out in FAITH!  Faith in all areas in our Lord. Trusting Him to catch us if we fall. Faith that led us to step out and begin homeschooling our three kids. Faith to branch out in how I teach my Sunday school class at Three Forks.  Faith to make a new commitment in our Women of Worth ladies program.  Faith has always been such a big part of our lives.  Now it is leading me once more.  I am about to leap off a big cliff, all the while praying, “Lord let me fall where you need me.”  “Here am I, send me.”  Isaiah 6:8

No one is a big fan of stepping outside their comfort zone. keep-calm-and-take-a-leap-of-faith-6The fear of rejection and pain is too much. The dread of the “what if….”.  The horrible worry of failing keeps many, including myself, from beginning, from taking the step.  We fail before we ever start.

Not anymore!  A desire of mine for many, many years has been to be a ladies day speaker. I have been so wonderfully influenced by speakers I have heard through my life, I wanted to do that. I wanted to have the strength and ability to share my faith with others the way those brave women stood in front of crowds of women and shared theirs.

For over 10 years I have been a teacher at church. Even in my early teens at our small congregation I had to step up and teach the younger children simply because there was no one else to fill that role.  (Congregation size was about 20 on Sunday mornings, 5 of which were my family.)  I have taught all ages and have taught our women’s bible studies each month for many years.  Each time I prepare and give a lesson, I strive to be better.  I try to teach it as well as I can and improve on past flaws.  I seek constructive criticism, I want to grow.  I cherish the experience each class, each lesson, each opportunity has given me to grow closer to God and share His word with others in the process.

I worry, maybe I am not the right person. No one would really care what I have to say, would they?  What if I can’t control my nerves?  What if I turn out to not be cut out for it?  What if I fail miserably and embarrass myself, and worse yet, what if I fail my Lord?  I, I, I, me, me, me!  There is the problem!!! It isn’t about me, never has been, never will be!  It is about The God of Heaven who gave up everything to come here and die! IT IS About JESUS!

Every focus of our family is about Him.  Living for Him, raising our children to learn of Him.  What kind of example am I setting if I am not placing my trust fully in His help and His strength to keep me on my feet.  He is the help I need!

“Our help is in the name of the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.”
Psalm 124:8

He is where our strength comes from.  Phil. 4:13.  So I am going to take that leap.  I can’t see the bottom, don’t know where I will land, but I know who is there Faithfully to catch me and He never fails!  He will never drop me!  I am putting my name out there saying, yes, I will be a ladies day speaker if anyone would be interested in hearing what I have to say.  I will have faith in my Lord and trust His hand to lead me where He may.  I will continue to pray for His help and guidance every day and hope I am leading my children by example.



Game-board Victories

Wow!!  Homeschooling is tough!  We have been at it since July, and yes it is our first year!  We are still figuring it all out, what works is taking a little longer than what doesn’t!  But there are moments, small as they may be, that reinforce to me that this is working.  It is worth the late, tired nights and early mornings.  It is worth the laundry piled on the sofa or the dirty dishes in the sink.  Moments like today…


Our daily bible study is the most important part of our day.  Today’s lesson just happened to fall in line with what my husband preached for Sunday morning services at Three Forks church of Christ, Luke 24 and the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  A great story.  After raising the blinds on the dining room window and using my makeshift dry erase board! (My kids think it is so funny when mommy writes on the windows, but it works great… as long as it is light out!)

We had our lesson, read the text, incorporated math into the story for my preschooler, geography for the two cities, days of the week, you name it we worked it in to today’s lesson.  We even role-played the story, my kids love acting!!!  For a treat we played a game!  I wish I could remember where I found this game to give credit to its creator, another wonderful Pinterest find!!  The Walk to Emmaus game.  The kids used their Lego mini-figures as game pieces which of course made it even more fun!

As we played, I quickly noticed a trend that warmed my heart!  There were only certain spaces on the game board path that when landed on resulted in a question being asked.  They were purposely trying to land on those spaces.  My kids wanted to answer the questions and were excited to do so! They wanted to retell the story.   They were laughing and having so much fun. Even my preschooler was sharing the dice bowl!  (Yes to save my sanity and save time we put the die in a plastic bowl so it was easier to keep on the table!)

It is moments like tonight that make it all worth it!  That make me realize we are doing something right, we are making good decisions for our children. When I see them excited about God’s word.  When I hear them randomly singing out blessings to God and hear their sweet prayers, I know we are working toward our true goal!  College graduations will be nice, but a home in Heaven is what matters.  And moments like today show me we are on the right path!!


In Christian Love,