One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one? You know, “One Of Those Days” where nothing seems to go right, everything you do or touch seems to mess up?  We had one of those days this week.  A day when I hoped to get so much accomplished, yet it just wasn’t happening. Want to know about our day?

050I was up early to get everything started and yet somehow still ended up behind schedule all day. I didn’t get to town to start my errands until late, and it ended up taking longer to get them finished than I had planned. Our homeschool day was totally disorganized and unproductive. I didn’t get any of my college work completed. Our dishwasher caught on fire. Our air-conditioner messed up and there was water running into our vents. The toilet broke. Chores did not get finished or really even started, so the house remained a wreck from our crazy, busy (but wonderful SHINE) weekend!  And to top it all off the dog jumped on my back and put a couple of bad scratches across it.

Yep, it was Monday all day long!  It was one of those days.

Only, with all that was going on, all that was going wrong, it wasn’t one of those days. I don’t know how to explain it. With everything that could have brought us down, we were all healthy and Happy!

I may have gotten a late start on my day but my kids were with me and they were behaving. I had money in the bank to buy groceries for my family and a safe vehicle to travel in. My husband caught the dishwasher fire before it had a chance to cause any damage and thanks to recent speaking engagements we have a little extra money to be able to afford a new one. My daughter helped me do the dishes and I loved spending that time with her.

The ac may have needed to be off, but for August it was a cool and breezy day so we were able to have the windows open. We were able to play soccer outside as a family with the dog, (I just need be a little more careful).

We didn’t get everything accomplished for school I would have liked but work was finished and more importantly my younger son opened up to me finally about school and we had a great talk.

My oldest son (age 11) is auditing a college bible class. He came home so excited and talking about what he learned about Jesus’ baptism and temptations.

I have an amazing husband who is able to make the repairs we need here at the house when things go wrong.

And before bed, my baby girl said the most beautiful prayer that really showed me how much she is paying attention to everything around her.

So yes, it was one of those days. But you know what, it is day I wouldn’t mind having a few more of! (Well, maybe without so many repairs needed next time!)

“Every day I will bless you
    and praise your name forever and ever.”
Psalm 145:2



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