Challenge Accepted

093I love fall. This time of the year with the colors and the cool air has always been my favorite. This year the experience of the season is bringing together another love… Writing. The best part, the whole family is going to enjoy the experience together.

Thanks to our local library we have discovered the NaNoWriMo.  What?  National Novel Writing Month. November is a time to put your writing skills to the test and challenge yourself to completing 50,000 words between the 1st and the 30th.

The kids have been very excited. Their goal as young writers is 30,000 words. They have come up with some amazing characters and story ideas. They have researched and studied and really prepared for their challenge. Even the littlest! (Although I will be happy with any story she can come up with!)

Tonight we took the first step and attending the NaNoWriMo103 kick off and it was interesting to see so many people with so many ideas and reasons for taking the challenge. I look forward to reading what my children come up with along the way. We are taking this challenge as a home school project and I hope it will be a big learning experience for them. Learning about character development, setting, and plots. As well as the basics of sentence structure and grammar.

Of course what better way to kick off an event than meeting celebrities!105 104

It was a great night and I look forward to all the next 30 days has to offer for this challenge!

Let the creative thinking begin!


God Opens Doors

Right at a year after decided to go Out On Faith and trust in God’s plan for my life He has opened so many doors. A dream of mine from my youth came true this weekend as I was blessed with the opportunity to teach God’s Word to a group of ladies at Green County church of Christ in Greensburg, KY.

Me speaking at Green Co.In the past year, God has opened doors for me to speak to ladies from surrounding congregations, to grow in my knowledge of Him and in my speaking experience. I feel so blessed by Him and thankful that I have been given the chance to grow in my walk and to teach others along the way.

This weekend the Ladies Day theme was Mary’s Heart, Martha’s Hands. It was a look at how we can learn to serve like Martha without the distraction and to find devotion like Mary. I pray the ladies who were present were able to be as encouraged by the lessons as I was by their presence and uplifting words.

Two wonderful women from Three Forks church of Christ were able to join me on this trip and I was so blessed to have them share in this memory. It is always a pleasure to share fellowship time with my sisters and friends in Christ.

I am looking forward to any doors God feels right to open in my life in the future!  Here am I, Lord send me!