All Hearts Day

Valentine’s day holds different meanings to many people. While some love it and some hate it, I tend to enjoy it.  It isn’t the same kind of enjoyment it may have been many years ago when my hubby and I were teenage sweethearts, but it still holds a magic all its own.  A special day, aside from birthdays and our anniversary to really tell one another what we don’t always say.

My beautiful flowers, Cyclamen! Never heard of them but they are lovely!This year was no exception, my husband was so sweet, he couldn’t wait to give me my gift, along with the words of wisdom, “Don’t kill this one please.”  (Last year’s sweet gift of a rose-bush didn’t make it… oops!)  But he knows my weakness, chocolate, oh sweet chocolate!!!

Valentine’s day now holds something a little different however, since having kids. It now means monsters!  The kind that forgets to tell you until last-minute that they need a valentine box to take to school. And then aren’t quick on the “thank you” when it is finished and ready for them the next morning. But oh well, they are a work in progress aren’t they!  valentinemonsterbox

There was also a little something extra I made last night to give the kids teachers a little “pick-me-up” giggle today.  I remade my version of a cute gift found on Pinterest (yes, that sight again, it’s addicting) and made Teacher’s Valentine’s Day stress relievers!




I hope  you has a great day!!  Tell someone in your life you love them.


My Baby & Me Matching Headbands

I am so excited about all the chances a new year brings. Chances like this to introduce a new Faithfully Fun creation that my daughter and I are tickled pink about!  Little girls love their baby dolls and these are matching headband sets for them and their dolls! My daughter and her doll, whose name changes depending on the day, have been sporting theirs all afternoon.

I am just so in love with them. headband set collage2Why is that things in miniature are just so adorable?  Well, when these unfinished headbands came in the mail I just couldn’t wait to get ahold of them and add some color, and they are just so tiny and cute!

I hope you will check them out by visiting my Faithfully Fun Facebook page!

Thank you so much for visiting today. While you are here leave a comment below with what color combinations you think would look best on a set of headbands!!

Have a blessed day!


New Year Excitement!

Wow, I can’t believe it is 2013 already!  2012 was gone too fast. However, I am very excited about what a new year brings, and for Faithfully Fun I hope it brings lots of new opportunities and many new creations!

One new item that was originally not going to be revealed until this year, but that several people received a sneak peek of around Christmas is the new Mommy/Nana necklaces!  They are so much fun to make and personalize!  Here is a small sample of some I finished around the holidays!


I really enjoy them and have loved the orders I have received so far. Being able to create something adorable and special for each mom and grandma!  The feedback from everyone has been so encouraging!

There are so many new items I hope to add to the line ups this year and I hope you will follow me on Facebook and Twitter so you are sure not to miss any of them!

May God bless you and yours in this new year.


So Much Fun At Nanahood!

nanahoodFor several months now I have had the pleasure of being a guest blogger for!  It has been so much fun to work with Teresa. If you haven’t been there I really urge you to check it out, there is always so much fun at!

Right now at Nanahood there are two fun giveaways taking place!!  Be sure to check them out and enter before the fun is gone!

Parental Guidance starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler

1)  “Parental Guidance” Movie Ticket Giveaway!!! 

Christmas Ornaments From Faithfully Fun

2)  Faithfully Fun Ornament Giveaway!

There is also more exciting news for Teresa and Nanahood!

Teresa is one of the newest bloggers  included at the Marie Callender’s Website! You know, the people behind all those yummy frozen meals!  Be sure and check out Teresa’s introduction!

Nanahood is growing and growing! I am so happy for Teresa!  Join me in telling her Congratulations!  Be sure to check out her wonderful site and all the great articles she posts!!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!!


Creative Thinking

I love creativity. I love making things, anything crafty. I love that I see that same quality in my children. In this house it seems someone is always making something!

This week I have made final preparations for my last craft show appearance of the year. Once again checking over my items, my inventory, and making anything new that I can. I get so excited and love working with my ribbon and hot glue! I love making things that make others smile, especially kids, and that is part of what makes Faithfully Fun so, well, Fun!  I love the smiles on the little faces when they see each piece, especially the characters when they recognize what they are. (That also makes me feel like I did a good job if they know who it is supposed to be!)

This week two of the characters I focused were inspired by well-known books, Alice & Dorothy!

Alice Dorothy

There will also be my Faithfully Fun Friday post on later today about these fun woven headbands that were just too cute not to make! 🙂

3 Finished

While you are there, be sure to check out the super fun giveaway based on the new Billy Crystal & Bette Midler movie “Parental Guidance.”  You can find it here.

Faithfully Fun is Thinking Pink

I have been so happy this month to be focusing on Breast Cancer awareness with Teresa at!  Nanahood is blogging pink until there is a cure but for the month of October it is like pink on steriods! Everything is about getting the word out there, getting the focus on awareness and doing anything we can as indiviuals to help find a cure!

I am trying to help do my small part to get the word out there this month.  Each week in October, through my Faithfully Fun Fridays posts we are giving away a new Think Pink creation.  The first week was the Think Pink Heart.

The response was wonderful.  Thanks to sales from this pin after the giveaway Faithfully Fun was able to make its first donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure though the Nanahood team!  I am so happy to be able to do even  a little bit to help others with what they are struggling with!

Last week the pin given away was the Pink Ribbon Butterfly.  Again these are now for sell and a portion of each one sold will go straight to breast cancer research through her team.

If you are interested in how you can help please be sure and visit today!  If you would like one of these pins for yourself or for a family member please send me a message or find me on our Faithfully Fun facebook page!  The heart pins are $6 each and the butterfly pins are $8.

Be sure and follow so you won’t miss a moment of the Think Pink drive! Check back this Friday for my new post and to see the new design that we will be giving away and what you can do to win!  I really appreciate all the support everyone has shown and hope in some small way we are showing all those out there who are suffering from this monster that we care!

Thank you!


You Can Do Something

October is a big month for a lot of people.  A month to celebrate a lot of things.  It is also Pink Month to remember those battling breast cancer.  Breast Cancer Awareness is a big part of Nanahood and their mission to Blog Pink Til There’s A Cure!  This entire month is related to Breast Cancer Awareness and getting out there to let people know that we may not be able to do it all, but everyone can do something.

Be sure and follow for all the new posts.  Also this month will be some Pink giveaways. Starting today with the Think Pink Heart from Faithfully Fun!  Check out today’s post to see how you can win and let others know you care!

Making A House, A Home

We are loving our new place. It’s nothing fancy, but to us it is amazing! We have so much more room, the kids are loving their space.  And it has been so wonderful watching it transform from our “new house” into our “home”.

One of the craft things I had wanted to do (I probably saw the idea on Pinterest 🙂  Was this name thing in our living room.  I found some ribbon I loved that matched the rest of the room, but I was having trouble finding all the letters to our last name.  Well, after some creative repurposing I made it work (I didn’t want to wait for the stores to get the letters I needed back in stock).

It isn’t a big thing, well probably bigger than it should be considering those are 4″ letters, but as far as the over all house, this was such a small thing.  This one little piece, however, was just one more step in making this house our home,  saying this is where we live. This is where our family will grow and flourish and love one another.  It is where we will remember and be thankful for every blessing the Lord has given us, including this new home.  And it is where we will serve Him always!

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

My Little Monkeys New Bathroom

Whew! It is finally finished and I can post pictures.  Now that the blood is back in my arm and hand from holding up the paint brush over my head, lol!  But it was worth it because the kids are loving it.  Is it cheesy? Yes.  Is it over the top?  Of course!  But is it something special I could do for my kids in our new home?  Absolutely!

The first thing I had to do was make a few repairs in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some new caulking around the sink and tub and patch a few nail holes and touch up the base paint.

And here is what the
bathroom looked
like before.
It wasn’t a bad bathroom by any means, just a plain simple little room that we thought needed our own special, crazy touch! lol

I liked the cute little “family” decal that was already above the door and decided to leave it and work around it!

And here are my tools.
Most of the mural I did free-hand.  The top two monkeys were done using an overhead projector and images I found using a google search. The rest I based off of those and did myself to make them all match. All painting was done with some brushes I found in our craft supplies, $.97 arcrylic paints found at Wal-Mart, and a couple of Sharpie markers!  I know, probably not the right tools for the job, but they worked and it didn’t cost me a whole lot at all!

And now the moment so many have been asking about! Pictures of the finished project!!!  Thank you all for your encouragement and interest in my little project!!

(All three of my kids on the wall!  Of course lil girl monkey had to have a bow in her hair.  After I got these on the way she also decided that we had to have a mommy and daddy monkey in there too, so that changed my plans a little and added a little extra time to the project but it was worth it!)

(The eyes glared funny here, I’m sorry for that in the picture)

Hope you enjoy it as much as we are!  And now that it is finished I guess it is one to more pressing matters.  Like doing the laundry and dishes! lol