Candle Salad

School is back in session for us and I am thrilled. I am so ready to regain some of our routines,  for some order to our chaos that was summer break!

The kids have enjoyed being back as well. The new school supplies, fresh curriculum books and new adventures; what’s not to love?

This week, as part of an assignment, our 8-yr-old made school snack. He gave me his grocery list of ingredients and since it was a simple project he prepared it himself!

The wonderful part of this “experiment” was not only his involvement in trying something new, but how it all tied back to a lesson on God and our living for Him.  He made Candle Salad, otherwise known as “Light of The World” Salad.

If you are like me you are asking, “What in the world is candle salad? I don’t want to eat a bowl full of wax!”

I promise you it was nothing like that! Candle Salad is simply a fruit salad made to look like a candle! A slice of pineapple for the base, half a banana for the candle and a cherry for the flame!  Super simple and very yummy!

making candle salad

When the plates were ready I allowed our chef to explain to everyone the meaning behind the “Light of the World” salad.  He read Matthew 5:16 and explained how we are to shine the light of Jesus in this world so others can see Him.  Then he led us in a prayer to thank God for the light He gives us always.

candle salad

This snack already has my other children thinking of their own snacks and lessons they can give! I can’t wait to go shopping for next weeks “ingredients” and watch another chef in action! I will be sure to share!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16



Family Photo Wall

I had this grand idea of what I wanted to do in our living room.  I wanted a family photo wall: all black frames, all black & white photos.  There was only one problem:  it had been so long since we had family pictures made I didn’t have any I wanted to use.  We are so thankful that a dear friend from church helped us out with that problem and took some amazing pictures of us in our own yard!  We can’t thank her enough.  And now I was able to finish my family wall!

Before it was just a plain wall that was in bad need of some attention!







I think it turned out rather cute! 🙂

Dresser To TV Stand

One project that I really enjoyed this summer was revamping our old dresser to use in our living room as an entertainment center of sorts. It needed a lot of work.  It was scraped and scuffed, has so much damage to the top of it from setting glasses up there with no coasters.  But I knew it was worth saving and the vision I had in my head told me it would going to be beautiful!  I didn’t think of taking a picture of it until I had already started working on the first drawer, but you can still get a good idea of what it looked like originally.

The process itself wasn’t too hard.  I took it one drawer at a time and simply removed the hardware, sanded the time out of it, then painted, and repainted until I was happy with the results, then put everything back together again!  I was working on several projects at once and the basement of our old house looked like quite the busy workshop for a while! More on those other projects in the picture soon!

The hardest part of the whole project was the changes we decided to make to the top two drawers.  After taking off the drawer fronts and replacing the thin bottom with a thicker peice of wood, we used them as 3 sided slides to now hold our satelitte box and dvd player.

The over all look of the “new” dresser was one I was very pleased with.  The silver knobs that were already on it I thought were a nice touch to the black paint.  It is the perfect size and fit for our tv and our new living room!  And it cost a whole lot less than going out to buy a new one!  We also have the other four drawers to use for extra storage for our dvds and gaming accessories!  Overall I think this project was a success!! 

Halfway Projects

I started so many projects over the summer and most of them I have finished. Yet there are those few that remain Halfway Completed and it is driving me crazy. I don’t know how many other people out there are like that, but I can’t stand having something be halfway finished.  I am going to get them done! I promise myself.  I just have to find the time.

This summer while we were waiting constantly for news on how the loan process and buying process was going for our new house, starting and working on these projects gave me a constructive use of my time. Now, however, we are in our new house and other things are taking over. The everyday grind of life, the events and projects that are needed for church are all seeing that these projects are taking a back burner.

Two big projects that are really bothering me I do intend to finish as soon as I possibly can!  The first is finishing the second chair cover for our wingback chair. They look so desperate right now sitting there, I admit however, the first one was such a big job I am dreading making the second one just a little.

The second project is our living room photo wall.  I have placed up some vinyl letters that I wanted and I have gathered the first set of our black frames and intend to do an assortment of black and white family photos, I am so excited to do this I don’t know why it has taken so long. Oh, yes I do, I can’t decide which photos to use!  The good news is, this weekend a good friend of ours is coming over and is going to take new photos of our family and I will so happy to finish this with new, up-to-date pictures of my beautiful family!

And I promise to post finished pictures soon!!   I also plan on posting photos of the other projects that I have already finished over the next few days so keep checking back in for some of our furniture redo’s we completed as we prepared for our move!

Making A House, A Home

We are loving our new place. It’s nothing fancy, but to us it is amazing! We have so much more room, the kids are loving their space.  And it has been so wonderful watching it transform from our “new house” into our “home”.

One of the craft things I had wanted to do (I probably saw the idea on Pinterest 🙂  Was this name thing in our living room.  I found some ribbon I loved that matched the rest of the room, but I was having trouble finding all the letters to our last name.  Well, after some creative repurposing I made it work (I didn’t want to wait for the stores to get the letters I needed back in stock).

It isn’t a big thing, well probably bigger than it should be considering those are 4″ letters, but as far as the over all house, this was such a small thing.  This one little piece, however, was just one more step in making this house our home,  saying this is where we live. This is where our family will grow and flourish and love one another.  It is where we will remember and be thankful for every blessing the Lord has given us, including this new home.  And it is where we will serve Him always!

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

My Little Monkeys New Bathroom

Whew! It is finally finished and I can post pictures.  Now that the blood is back in my arm and hand from holding up the paint brush over my head, lol!  But it was worth it because the kids are loving it.  Is it cheesy? Yes.  Is it over the top?  Of course!  But is it something special I could do for my kids in our new home?  Absolutely!

The first thing I had to do was make a few repairs in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some new caulking around the sink and tub and patch a few nail holes and touch up the base paint.

And here is what the
bathroom looked
like before.
It wasn’t a bad bathroom by any means, just a plain simple little room that we thought needed our own special, crazy touch! lol

I liked the cute little “family” decal that was already above the door and decided to leave it and work around it!

And here are my tools.
Most of the mural I did free-hand.  The top two monkeys were done using an overhead projector and images I found using a google search. The rest I based off of those and did myself to make them all match. All painting was done with some brushes I found in our craft supplies, $.97 arcrylic paints found at Wal-Mart, and a couple of Sharpie markers!  I know, probably not the right tools for the job, but they worked and it didn’t cost me a whole lot at all!

And now the moment so many have been asking about! Pictures of the finished project!!!  Thank you all for your encouragement and interest in my little project!!

(All three of my kids on the wall!  Of course lil girl monkey had to have a bow in her hair.  After I got these on the way she also decided that we had to have a mommy and daddy monkey in there too, so that changed my plans a little and added a little extra time to the project but it was worth it!)

(The eyes glared funny here, I’m sorry for that in the picture)

Hope you enjoy it as much as we are!  And now that it is finished I guess it is one to more pressing matters.  Like doing the laundry and dishes! lol