Life Changing Letter

importantletterToday was the big day!  The kids and I took a letter to the post office, certified mail!  This was a very special letter and we had make sure  it arrives where it needs to go.  This letter is a life changing piece of post!  Why?  Because it makes a life changing decision official.  Makes it real for every one of us.  What is that decision?
We have decided to home school our children!!! 

Very few people in our family and at church know we were thinking of this. firstdayIn fact it has gone on for the past 3 weeks at our house.  The kids first day of school was July 9.  So far it has been amazing.  Have there been frustrating days already, yep, you better believe it.  But has it already been wonderfully worth it……YES!!!!!  I have enjoyed it probably as much as they have, and they have had a blast!  In just a little over 2 weeks we have already done so much. Reached milestones, made memories, had so much fun that I can’t wait to continue on.

My husband has joked that this may just be an excuse to feed my office supply addiction, but even he has noticed how much closer the family is drawing.  He can see the change in our children as they are excited to read, to explore, to get involved!

In just these first few weeks we have accomplished so much.  I have managed to explain algebra with fractions to my oldest with no tears (on either of our parts – whew!)  And it was wonderful to see his face light up when he got it!  My youngest son has gotten so into creating things, he made our school flag and wrote us a motto tonight and was so proud of himself and so was I!  My daughter is picking up her letters and numbers so quickly.  She has begun to recognize them in random places and you can see the joy in her face as she shows them to us.

How did I miss this?  I considered homeschooling when our oldest (now 10) was about to enter preschool, but pushed it away thinking I could not do it.  Now I  am sad to think of all the moments of happiness and triumph I missed while someone else was with them for so many hours in a day.  Isn’t that part of why I chose to be a stay home mom?  Why was I willingly giving up my children.

Of course God’s word has been a key part of everything we do, history, science, art, you name it there is some way to relate it to the Awesome God we serve and this world he created!  It has been wonder.  As I type now, by their own desire, my children are making popsicle stick bible puppets so they can tell the stories to each other.  I LOVE IT!!!

There is so much more I want to say, so much I want to tell you about but I will wait. For now, I will share with you some pictures of all the wonderful things we have gotten to do so far and pray they continue on all year long.  So pray for us as we continue our studies at F.I.T. Homeschool (Footsteps In Truth).Fit test1

Some of the great experiences include:  petting a giant turtle and a python at our library,  Building pirate ships and cars,  making sun-catchers, scavenger hunts at the park, ball games where the kids were part of a group recognized for completing the summer reading challenge and where we were able to meet a celebrity!!  AGT’s Marty Brown.  Lil bit (in a picture similar to the one below) was even on the front page of the local paper.  All of this and we are just getting started!!PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage1

 fit back test1

I Will Go With You Daddy

This morning has been a busy one: picking up rocks and picking out weeds.  Yes, a busy hot morning, but a morning spent together as a family.  All five of us out there, working together, as a family, taking care of our home.  Now, granted there were a couple of little boys who would have rather been inside doing anything else at all, but they were there, doing something. Then there was little bit, happily working alongside her daddy!

“This is fun!” I heard her tell him once.  “Fun? Well I don’t know about that,” he replied.  She was so proud of herself as she walked in step with him pulling weeds and taking them away from the flower beds.  Fun?  Not exactly what the adults were thinking. Bending and pulling, moving wagons of rocks, while sweat dripped into our eyes from the heat, nope, not quite our idea of a fun way to spend the morning.  Definitely as far from fun as possible as our sons were concerned.

Fun.  That is how our daughter described it, however.  Even as we finished for the day and she was told she could go on inside and clean up if she wanted, nope, she was having fun.  “I will go with you, daddy,”  she said the the sweetest grin in her little not quite four year old voice. That is what made it fun!  She was working alongside her dad.  Feeling so big and proud as she heard him praise her for her help.  Following in his footsteps it would not have mattered what we were doing this morning, it was fun because she was with him, her father, who she loves! 

Oh that we had that same attitude.  Jesus gave instructions for us to become as little children, for us to be humble as they are humble (Matthew 18: 3-4).  When the apostles tried to send the children away, He called them back, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14.  And why not. Children love so completely, so innocently, they see the best and have no pride or hatred.  They trust completely.  Oh to follow my Father the way my daughter follows hers!  Such an example. So much joy in just being beside him, no matter the work. 

May I remember this example, may I look to my children for inspiration and remember to love and trust and follow my Lord as a child. To be there so close, just to be in His presence.  No matter the circumstance, having “fun” just because of the One I am with, the One I belong to is the One who loves me beyond all reason.

030Thank you Lord for my children who are always teaching me more than I could ever teach them!!


All Hearts Day

Valentine’s day holds different meanings to many people. While some love it and some hate it, I tend to enjoy it.  It isn’t the same kind of enjoyment it may have been many years ago when my hubby and I were teenage sweethearts, but it still holds a magic all its own.  A special day, aside from birthdays and our anniversary to really tell one another what we don’t always say.

My beautiful flowers, Cyclamen! Never heard of them but they are lovely!This year was no exception, my husband was so sweet, he couldn’t wait to give me my gift, along with the words of wisdom, “Don’t kill this one please.”  (Last year’s sweet gift of a rose-bush didn’t make it… oops!)  But he knows my weakness, chocolate, oh sweet chocolate!!!

Valentine’s day now holds something a little different however, since having kids. It now means monsters!  The kind that forgets to tell you until last-minute that they need a valentine box to take to school. And then aren’t quick on the “thank you” when it is finished and ready for them the next morning. But oh well, they are a work in progress aren’t they!  valentinemonsterbox

There was also a little something extra I made last night to give the kids teachers a little “pick-me-up” giggle today.  I remade my version of a cute gift found on Pinterest (yes, that sight again, it’s addicting) and made Teacher’s Valentine’s Day stress relievers!




I hope  you has a great day!!  Tell someone in your life you love them.


Life’s Busy Season

For a really long time now I keep planning for things I will do when things here at home slow down a bit. When we get past this, I will have more time. Well, this week has a lot going on, when things slow down I will be able to…. (fill in the blank here.)  I am beginning to think things just are not going to slow down and if there are things I want to get done, I am going to have to make time for them. I am starting to think “life’s busy season” isn’t so much a season, as its own decade!

I often remember of one of my favorite bible stories, found in Luke chapter 10, when Jesus comes to the home of Mary and Martha.  As much as I want to say I would have the heart of Mary, that I realize the importance and need for sitting at the Master’s feet, I feel that if I am honest with myself I am afraid I would be Mary.  I tend to always find some “busy-ness” to be about.

I have placed so much on my plate again that I am afraid I am pushing to the side the most nutritious parts until sometimes it feels as though they are barely hanging on the edge. I have realized if I want to find more peace and calm in my life I am going to have to slow down enough to spend the time listening to my Lord instead of busying my hands with so much work. I am going to have to focus on Him, instead of being distracted by everything else around me. Once I put things in the right perspective, the rest will get done and if it doesn’t, as my husband says, in one hundred years it won’t matter anyway!  But in one hundred years my relationship with my Lord will still be all that has ever mattered!

I realize that right now it is not a big problem. That right now, it seems managable, I may run myself ragged and feel so tired I can sleep standing up, but I can see into my future (well, I wish but for now I can imagine) that if I don’t learn to say “no” to some things, I will lose my ability to say “yes” to the best things!  So I am going to learn to say “no” to that tv show, so I can say yes to extra time reading His word.  I am going to say “no” to that extra few minutes on Facebook, so I can say “yes” to a few extra minutes of cuddle time with the kids before bed.  I am going to look for other things that I can say “no” to, so I can have more time to say “yes” to the better things in life!

So tomorrow as I prepare for another busy weekend, I promise myself to make the time to say “Yes” to time alone in prayer, to time listening to my shepherd lead me through the distractions.  Won’t you join me during “NO”vember!

And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42

Don’t Assume!

If you have been following my blog you may have noticed that my header has changed.  I have had this site up and running for months and until tonight never noticed that my header featured a big mistake.  I don’t know how many others caught this error and just didn’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me I was wrong. Or, if like me, they assumed I must have known what I was talking about, after all this was my site, right? lol

Never assume! I know now, never think you are right, always double-check, triple check to be sure what you are posting up for the world is accurate information.  What was this mistake you might ask?  Take a peek one more time at the old header and see if you can notice it first.

Have you figured it out yet?  Need a hint, a big one?  It has to do with the basis for the name of my site, for the theme of the site, for the theme of our whole lives.  It was something I was so sure I knew I didn’t double-check, and guess what, here I am months later going, “What was I thinking????”

If you know the Bible, better than me obviously, you realized that Judges doesn’t have 24 chapters, it only has 21 chapters!  I put the wrong book for my main verse!  And I never realized it.  How many times have I typed that in? How many times, not just here but over all, have I referenced that verse and never realized I was looking at the wrong one! Never assume you know, always be sure. Never let that little voice in your head say, “It’s ok, you know this, you don’t need to double-check the scriptures.”  Always, ALWAYS, read it again, look it up, find it in God’s word and be sure.  Don’t assume because you think its right, because you heard it somewhere else, because someone else told you, that it is right.

So thanks to this BIG Boo Boo, I am now going to be making a few updates. I guess it was time for a fresh look anyway!  Thank you for sticking around. Thank you to those who follow me. Thank you to all the family and friends who support me and keep in touch though this site.  And thank you to a God who is always willing to forgive even the littlest mistakes.

“choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve … But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  JOSHUA 24:15


Family Photo Wall

I had this grand idea of what I wanted to do in our living room.  I wanted a family photo wall: all black frames, all black & white photos.  There was only one problem:  it had been so long since we had family pictures made I didn’t have any I wanted to use.  We are so thankful that a dear friend from church helped us out with that problem and took some amazing pictures of us in our own yard!  We can’t thank her enough.  And now I was able to finish my family wall!

Before it was just a plain wall that was in bad need of some attention!







I think it turned out rather cute! 🙂