Happy Birthday Nanahood

Who doesn’t love a birthday party!

Celebrating a birthday is a wonderful way to celebrate those who are special to us!

Right now Nanahood.com is celebrating its 5th Birthday!!!  If you have never visited and shared in the fun of the “second half of the motherhood journey” then please do so.  This Nana is super special to me and her site is amazing!  There is always something fun to share and important news to share!

Nanahood 5th Birthday

To make it even more fun, Nanahood is celebrating turning 5 with a fun giveaway for all Nanahood Fans!!! Be sure to check out her Facebook page for all the details!



Happy Birthday Daughter!!

Today has been such a special day for our family!  Our beautiful little girl turned 3 today and she has been so funny all day long!  We have had such a busy day but she has taken it all in stride and taken every chance to let anyone around her know she is three!  And when we got home she was so excited to have birthday cake and presents.

It’s hard to believe so much has changed in three years.  You don’t realize how fast time truly passes until you begin watching your children, your babies, grow up.  The children’s nanny commented the other day how much of a difference we would see in the next 10 years.  She said in 10 years the oldest ones will be about to turn 20 and the youngest will be 13!!!  Scary when I look at these tiny faces to think of those changes and how fast those 10 years will probably pass by.

In Psalm 144:3-4, David writes about how short our lives seem.  “Lord, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You are mindful of him? 4 Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow.”  Our lives are like a breath, though at times it seems like our days are dragging on, they will be gone in the blink of an eye. So celebrate each day, celebrate each occasion. Celebrate each birthday no matter your age.  ( I love to remind people that birthdays are good for your health, the more you have the longer you live! lol  I know its cheesy but that’s me!)

So happy birthday to my darling daugher. I look forward to her birthday party coming up soon when we can celebrate with family and friends.

Thanking God for another wonderful day, I wish you a weekend full of happiness and blessings!