Life Changing Letter

importantletterToday was the big day!  The kids and I took a letter to the post office, certified mail!  This was a very special letter and we had make sure  it arrives where it needs to go.  This letter is a life changing piece of post!  Why?  Because it makes a life changing decision official.  Makes it real for every one of us.  What is that decision?
We have decided to home school our children!!! 

Very few people in our family and at church know we were thinking of this. firstdayIn fact it has gone on for the past 3 weeks at our house.  The kids first day of school was July 9.  So far it has been amazing.  Have there been frustrating days already, yep, you better believe it.  But has it already been wonderfully worth it……YES!!!!!  I have enjoyed it probably as much as they have, and they have had a blast!  In just a little over 2 weeks we have already done so much. Reached milestones, made memories, had so much fun that I can’t wait to continue on.

My husband has joked that this may just be an excuse to feed my office supply addiction, but even he has noticed how much closer the family is drawing.  He can see the change in our children as they are excited to read, to explore, to get involved!

In just these first few weeks we have accomplished so much.  I have managed to explain algebra with fractions to my oldest with no tears (on either of our parts – whew!)  And it was wonderful to see his face light up when he got it!  My youngest son has gotten so into creating things, he made our school flag and wrote us a motto tonight and was so proud of himself and so was I!  My daughter is picking up her letters and numbers so quickly.  She has begun to recognize them in random places and you can see the joy in her face as she shows them to us.

How did I miss this?  I considered homeschooling when our oldest (now 10) was about to enter preschool, but pushed it away thinking I could not do it.  Now I  am sad to think of all the moments of happiness and triumph I missed while someone else was with them for so many hours in a day.  Isn’t that part of why I chose to be a stay home mom?  Why was I willingly giving up my children.

Of course God’s word has been a key part of everything we do, history, science, art, you name it there is some way to relate it to the Awesome God we serve and this world he created!  It has been wonder.  As I type now, by their own desire, my children are making popsicle stick bible puppets so they can tell the stories to each other.  I LOVE IT!!!

There is so much more I want to say, so much I want to tell you about but I will wait. For now, I will share with you some pictures of all the wonderful things we have gotten to do so far and pray they continue on all year long.  So pray for us as we continue our studies at F.I.T. Homeschool (Footsteps In Truth).Fit test1

Some of the great experiences include:  petting a giant turtle and a python at our library,  Building pirate ships and cars,  making sun-catchers, scavenger hunts at the park, ball games where the kids were part of a group recognized for completing the summer reading challenge and where we were able to meet a celebrity!!  AGT’s Marty Brown.  Lil bit (in a picture similar to the one below) was even on the front page of the local paper.  All of this and we are just getting started!!PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage1

 fit back test1


Lessons From Ribbon

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to be set up with a booth at the 2nd Annual Southern Kentucky Kids Expo.  It was a fun day, but I have to admit, not quite what I had hoped for or expected.  It rained for the first few hours we were there. We counted each little shower, hoping it was the last, looking for patches of blue sky showing through the clouds, and being thankful for our tent!

ImageOnce the rain was finally over, the sun was out and drying things up for us, I encountered something it never dawned on me to prepare for: the wind!  The wind and I battled most of the day.  My husband, who I was so lucky to have join me for the day, played catch all day with my items that kept flying off the table.  Ribbon is lightweight and great when carrying boxes to set up, but not so great when the wind keeps taking it off the table!

ImageOther than that obstacle we had lots of fun. There were some special visitors that came by to say hi, and we met lots of new people.  Even had a giveaway on the spot for a cheerleader hairclip!

Over the past few weeks as I have been working with my ribbons and preparing for this event I have realized I have learned a lot through this process.  Here are some of the things I have learned from ribbon! (not really in any particular order.)

1.  Life Gets Sticky – One thing for sure when working with hot glue is you will make a mess. You will get those little spiderweb type strings everywhere and it will cause things you don’t even mean to be together to get stuck! You have to learn to act quickly in stickly situations!

Image2.  Be Creative – This life offers so many chances to be creative,  think outside the box, you have to learn to open up your mind and make new things. Find the beauty around you, find what inspires you!

3. Be Thankful – No matter how bad things may seem everyone has something to be thankful for in life. Look for it, search it out.  Then say thank you to our Lord for it.  Thank Him for simple things like the sunshine on your face. Thank Him for the big things like your life and your loved ones.

4.  Your Time Is Precious – There are only so many minutes in a day. There are only so many days in a year. This time passes so quickly. Make sure what you are spending your time doing is something worthwhile. Make sure it is something that you find enjoyment in.  And even the things you have to do (laundry, ugh!) Make the most of it, do it with joy!

5. Smile – No matter what kind of mood you are in, a smile can change everything. Smile for your health. Smile for your sanity! Smile to brighten someone else’s day!  Smiling is contagious, start spreading them around!

6. Keep Your Cool When Things Get Hot – And  boy do they when you are working with a glue gun!  But you have to stay calm when that stray bead of hot glue sticks to your finger instead of where it was intended to go. You have to remain in control when things get hot in order to get out of them without getting burned!

7. Make Moments Teachable – One thing I am constantly reminded of when I have out all of my craft items is how many questions my 3 year old daughter asks!  I have learned to take those moments and try my best to make them teachable ones! Will she remember everything, probably not. But one things for sure is she is learning quickly not to touch mommy’s hot glue gun!

8. Be Prepared – In getting everything ready for this show, as with others, I am reminded of the importance of being prepared! You don’t want to forget something. You don’t want to get there and realize you don’t have what you need. You want to be prepared in your life. You want to have “your bases covered” and be prepared for that rainy day!

9. Be Flexible – Things aren’t always going to go the way you think they will.  Saturday was proof of that!  Be ready to “roll with the punches” and make the best of every situation.  Don’t be so caught up with thinking things have to be a certain way that you lose the joy of the moment and miss other opportunities. Sometimes when things don’t go the way you think they should, something even better comes from it! Thanks to my husband having to catch my displays so many times, his creative wheels got to turning and he is now in the process of creating me some sturdier display pieces! I’m so excited!

10. Accept Imperfections – This one has always been hard for me. If I am doing something I want it done right.  Working with ribbon I have had to learn that it isn’t always going to turn out exactly the same. There will be some flaws sometimes. And just like me, those imperfections are what makes it unique! Learning to accept yourself, learning to accept others, learning to accept mistakes is a great lesson for all of us!

Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoyed!  If you came by and saw us at Jackson’s Orchard this past Saturday, we really appreciate you and hope you had a great day too!