Happy Birthday Nanahood

Who doesn’t love a birthday party!

Celebrating a birthday is a wonderful way to celebrate those who are special to us!

Right now Nanahood.com is celebrating its 5th Birthday!!!  If you have never visited and shared in the fun of the “second half of the motherhood journey” then please do so.  This Nana is super special to me and her site is amazing!  There is always something fun to share and important news to share!

Nanahood 5th Birthday

To make it even more fun, Nanahood is celebrating turning 5 with a fun giveaway for all Nanahood Fans!!! Be sure to check out her Facebook page for all the details!



Family Make Believe


Sign Created By My Children For Our Date!

How did you and your family celebrate Valentine’s Day!  We decided since Hubby and I weren’t going to be able to have a date night, we would make it a family one!  Read all about it and the wonderful “resteraunt” where we dined over at Faithfully Fun Friday’s on  Nanahood.com today!!!

In the theme of love check out Teresa from Nanahood’s post on Marie Callender’s website today! It is so sweet to find out how two people from miles away met and fell in love!!

Have a great day!!


Stress Free New Year

Wow!  Things just seem to stay busy.  Trying to find an extra few minutes is getting harder and harder. I keep promising myself… “when things slow down I will…” but they never seem to do so.  Anyone else have that problem.

Stress Free PaperworkThis year I am looking for any and all ways to streamline how I do things in order to cause less stress.  This week my post for Nanahood focuses on my monthly bills and filing, ugh! I have never liked to file.  Check out this weeks post to see the method that is going to save my brain when it comes to tax time next year! I am so excited!!  No more filing!

Leave a comment with your favorite time (and brain) saving tips!!  I would love to hear from you.

Have a blessed day!


So Much Fun At Nanahood!

nanahoodFor several months now I have had the pleasure of being a guest blogger for Nanahood.com!  It has been so much fun to work with Teresa. If you haven’t been there I really urge you to check it out, there is always so much fun at Nanahood.com!

Right now at Nanahood there are two fun giveaways taking place!!  Be sure to check them out and enter before the fun is gone!

Parental Guidance starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler

1)  “Parental Guidance” Movie Ticket Giveaway!!! 

Christmas Ornaments From Faithfully Fun

2)  Faithfully Fun Ornament Giveaway!

There is also more exciting news for Teresa and Nanahood!

Teresa is one of the newest bloggers  included at the Marie Callender’s Website! You know, the people behind all those yummy frozen meals!  Be sure and check out Teresa’s introduction!

Nanahood is growing and growing! I am so happy for Teresa!  Join me in telling her Congratulations!  Be sure to check out her wonderful site and all the great articles she posts!!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!!


Faithfully Fun is Thinking Pink

I have been so happy this month to be focusing on Breast Cancer awareness with Teresa at Nanahood.com!  Nanahood is blogging pink until there is a cure but for the month of October it is like pink on steriods! Everything is about getting the word out there, getting the focus on awareness and doing anything we can as indiviuals to help find a cure!

I am trying to help do my small part to get the word out there this month.  Each week in October, through my Faithfully Fun Fridays posts we are giving away a new Think Pink creation.  The first week was the Think Pink Heart.

The response was wonderful.  Thanks to sales from this pin after the giveaway Faithfully Fun was able to make its first donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure though the Nanahood team!  I am so happy to be able to do even  a little bit to help others with what they are struggling with!

Last week the pin given away was the Pink Ribbon Butterfly.  Again these are now for sell and a portion of each one sold will go straight to breast cancer research through her team.

If you are interested in how you can help please be sure and visit Nanahood.com today!  If you would like one of these pins for yourself or for a family member please send me a message or find me on our Faithfully Fun facebook page!  The heart pins are $6 each and the butterfly pins are $8.

Be sure and follow Nanahood.com so you won’t miss a moment of the Think Pink drive! Check back this Friday for my new post and to see the new design that we will be giving away and what you can do to win!  I really appreciate all the support everyone has shown and hope in some small way we are showing all those out there who are suffering from this monster that we care!

Thank you!


So Many New Changes

I love it! There is so much going on in my life right now and it is great. God has blessed us with so much.  The newest opportunity for me was presented recently, a chance to be a part of a wonderful blog led by an absolutely amazing Christian Sister, Teresa at Nanahood.com!

Working with Teresa is going to be such a blessing for me.  To learn from her and have her support is going to help me grow so much! I am really excited to begin with my Faithfully Fun Friday posts and hope to make her proud!  Please be sure and follow Nanahood.com and stay up-to-date on all the latest news on her site, it is a wonderful site for all!  It will encourage you, lift your spirits, make you laugh, make you think, may make you cry!

Be sure to check it out and then watch for all the changes coming up next month, including games and prizes for their 3rd Birthday Bash!!

Check out the latest post for more details!

Hope you all have a great day!!

Pin It!!

As so many others I Love Pinterest!  Thanks to Crazy About My Baybah today for asking what inspires us that we have found on Pinterest today.  Problem is there is so much that inspires me on there! So much I want to do!!

Pin #1   Nanahood.com is such a fun site full of inspirational posts!

Pin #2  Easy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream – I mean who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer afternoon!

Pin #3  Slip Covers From A Sheet!  – This is today’s project for me!  (Watch for a post soon about how it turns out!)

So what have you found that was fun and inspiring on Pinterest today?