Worthy Links!

There are some pages that are very special to me and I invite you to visit them as well!!   (Sorry, I am having a little trouble getting my picture links to work but I have posted the urls so you can still get there!  Hopefully I will have the links fixed soon!)

Three Forks church of Christ


also be sure to check out our church facebook page


In Christian Love

(My Husband’s site)



(A dear Christian Sister’s Site!)


also be sure and check our her other site….



Church of Christ Ladies Day Speakers

cofcspeakers2Need a speaker for your upcoming ladies day event?  Or are you a speaker who wants to get your name out there for more congregations?  Check out our Speaker Page, you can search by state, post events, ask questions and more!




You can find a link to my post and other wonderful inspirational posts at


Need a quick way to look up a verse, in any language…  Check out


One thought on “Worthy Links!

  1. Tanya Dressler says:

    I have volunteered to do our ladies day in March of 2014. I have chosen the theme: To Love Thy Neighbor is to Love Thy Self. Basically focused on if we are to love our neighbors, we must first love ourselves. Many women have struggled with self worth, needs, and love. Our congregation is in Wichita Kansas. Would you have someone who would be interested? You may email me for contact information. Thanks! Tanya


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