Why I Love Snow

Yes, snow. I love it. The cold, frozen precipitation that has fallen around our house Psalm 517all day. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I do not like to drive in it, or even to be out playing in it as I did as a child. It’s just too cold for me anymore. I love it though. It isn’t even because of the joy it brings my own children or the yumminess of fresh snow cream. No, the reason I love snow goes deeper than any of that.

As I watch the snow fall through the partially frozen window pane I feel peaceful. This peace doesn’t come from the snow itself, but from something deeper. This peace comes from the truth I know of the cross of Christ. This snow which blankets everything else: the dirt and mud, the dead plants of winter, the half-finished projects, the cracks, the scars. This snow reminds me of how the blood that was shed on that cross so many years ago covers all the ugliness of me.

Isaiah118The blood of Christ blankets me. It covers all my sins, my selfishness, my jealousies, my pride, all my imperfections that I can’t hide from the world around me.

Just as the snow outside makes everything so peaceful and still, the love of Christ brings peace and stillness to my soul.

While I can stay wrapped up inside my house and enjoy the beauty around me, I can stay safe wrapped up in Christ knowing that I am safe. His love keeps me. His love sustains me. His love covers me like nothing else.

Yes, I love snow because it is the amazing reminder that Christ cleanses me. He takes the dirty mess of my life and washes it whiter than the snow that is falling around me.

May you all find peace in the snow, but greater still may you find the true peace in Christ.


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