Family Make Believe


Sign Created By My Children For Our Date!

How did you and your family celebrate Valentine’s Day!  We decided since Hubby and I weren’t going to be able to have a date night, we would make it a family one!  Read all about it and the wonderful “resteraunt” where we dined over at Faithfully Fun Friday’s on today!!!

In the theme of love check out Teresa from Nanahood’s post on Marie Callender’s website today! It is so sweet to find out how two people from miles away met and fell in love!!

Have a great day!!


All Hearts Day

Valentine’s day holds different meanings to many people. While some love it and some hate it, I tend to enjoy it.  It isn’t the same kind of enjoyment it may have been many years ago when my hubby and I were teenage sweethearts, but it still holds a magic all its own.  A special day, aside from birthdays and our anniversary to really tell one another what we don’t always say.

My beautiful flowers, Cyclamen! Never heard of them but they are lovely!This year was no exception, my husband was so sweet, he couldn’t wait to give me my gift, along with the words of wisdom, “Don’t kill this one please.”  (Last year’s sweet gift of a rose-bush didn’t make it… oops!)  But he knows my weakness, chocolate, oh sweet chocolate!!!

Valentine’s day now holds something a little different however, since having kids. It now means monsters!  The kind that forgets to tell you until last-minute that they need a valentine box to take to school. And then aren’t quick on the “thank you” when it is finished and ready for them the next morning. But oh well, they are a work in progress aren’t they!  valentinemonsterbox

There was also a little something extra I made last night to give the kids teachers a little “pick-me-up” giggle today.  I remade my version of a cute gift found on Pinterest (yes, that sight again, it’s addicting) and made Teacher’s Valentine’s Day stress relievers!




I hope  you has a great day!!  Tell someone in your life you love them.


Don’t Put God On A Shelf

sewingmachineThis past week has been spent waiting on a new pedal for my sewing machine. It has bothered me so much that I have wanted to use it but have not been able to until it is repaired.  Then I began to think of how long that same sewing machine sat on the shelf in my closet, gathering dust, waiting for the moment I would take it down and use it for its intended purpose.

Then it hit me. All too often we treat God the same way. We put God on a shelf in our lives. We know where He is, but we don’t really pay Him much attention, until the time comes when we think we need Him. When things start to fall apart and unravel at the seams, we reach for Him then.  Even though He has been patiently waiting for us all along, wanting, desiring for us to reach for Him.

When we finally reach out for Him, we too often become impatient.  We want God’s help right then, we want His answers to our problems immediately.  We want Him on our time, instead of trusting and waiting for His time, His will, His purpose to be fulfilled.

We need to remember God is always there with us, for us. He wants our walk with Him to be a daily one. A close relationship, not an occasional reunion. We need to spend time with Him daily, growing closer to Him and His word.  In the Old Testament, the Israelites were to offer sacrifices daily to keep God and His commandments constantly on their hearts and minds. (Ezek. 46:13)

We should be like them and the New Testament Christians ourdailybreadwho were so engulfed in God’s word they did not cease, but daily worshipped Him and taught His word to others. (Acts 2:46; Acts 5:42).  We need to feed ourselves with His daily bread! We need to hunger for it and feel empty if we don’t get it each day. We never need to leave God on a shelf for “safe keeping”.  We need to carry Him with us everywhere we go!

Let us challenge ourselves, encourage ourselves to this.  Let our faith never gather dust!

God Bless You today and always!